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The Absurd Notions Story With Bats In It, by Den "Batty" Whitton.
Thanks, Batty! This is a great nine-strip script from a man who knows bats. It looks like he knows Absurd Notions as well.

Six to Six: Jyg and Jag look to earn extra income with their bodies
SuperDeformers: Warren as an oracular vision, still answering dumb questions
Project Zebula: Jay consults with a master at the beginning of the Fool's Wager story
Project Zebula: Warren chats with same at the end of the Fool's Wager story
Team of Anti-Perdition: Biff dyes his hair black and gets a tech support job
1/0: The world of Absurd Notions is found to have inadequate health care
Freefall: Biff visits the cinema of the future and finds it not unlike our own
Blotto Street: Warren queued up in a computer lab, and it ain't the print queue
Slapdash: Warren mails a package and serves as a bad example
The Class Menagerie: Who's that poor jackass stuck in the telemarketing department?
Zwol: One word: Franchise.
Boo Bing: Senseless violins, but with firearms instead of violins.
Nukees: Like Dibbler, there eventually exists a Warren for every place.
Tailsteak: Make the pie higher
Dada: The clerk learns how to draw Biff

The Internet Comics Halloween Special
The Internet Comics Halloween Special: Portrait of the Artist as a Dead Man (My pages: 4 and 5).
The Great Internet Comic Swap 2000
The Great Internet Comic Swap 2000: Absurd Notions and The Class Menagerie.

Young Master Wright Historians say this might be the first Absurd Notions ever, though at the time it was called Young Master Wright and appeared in the Perth Amboy Messenger-Illuminator.
Squirrelly Wynerva Jag's character, Wynerva, Wind Wizardess of Wyrdwood, in half-squirrel form.
Obfurred Notions Obfurred Notions: A cast picture of what Absurd Notions would look like as a furry animal comic.
Yes Ma'am A better view of Wynerva the dragoness taking charge of the situation as seen on June 10.
And here is the hastily constructed Holiday Panic Puzzle Page of Christmas Eve 2001, and the vaguely disputed solution thereto.

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